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interface Applicative<F> extends Apply<F> {
  readonly of: <A>(a: A) => HKT<F, A>

Added in v1.0.0 (type class)

The Applicative type class extends the Apply type class with a of function, which can be used to create values of type f a from values of type a.

Where Apply provides the ability to lift functions of two or more arguments to functions whose arguments are wrapped using f, and Functor provides the ability to lift functions of one argument, pure can be seen as the function which lifts functions of zero arguments. That is, Applicative functors support a lifting operation for any number of function arguments.

Instances must satisfy the following laws in addition to the Apply laws:

  1. Identity: A.ap(A.of(a => a), fa) = fa
  2. Homomorphism: A.ap(A.of(ab), A.of(a)) = A.of(ab(a))
  3. Interchange: A.ap(fab, A.of(a)) = A.ap(A.of(ab => ab(a)), fab)

Note. Functor’s map can be derived: A.map(x, f) = A.ap(A.of(f), x)


getApplicativeComposition<F, G>(F: Applicative<F>, G: Applicative<G>): ApplicativeComposition<F, G>

Added in v1.0.0 (function)


getMonoid<F, A>(F: Applicative<F>, M: Monoid<A>): () => Monoid<HKT<F, A>>

Added in v1.4.0 (function)

If F is a Applicative and M is a Monoid over A then HKT<F, A> is a Monoid over A as well. Adapted from http://hackage.haskell.org/package/monoids-


import { getMonoid } from 'fp-ts/lib/Applicative'
import { option, some, none } from 'fp-ts/lib/Option'
import { monoidSum } from 'fp-ts/lib/Monoid'

const M = getMonoid(option, monoidSum)()
assert.deepEqual(M.concat(none, none), none)
assert.deepEqual(M.concat(some(1), none), none)
assert.deepEqual(M.concat(none, some(2)), none)
assert.deepEqual(M.concat(some(1), some(2)), some(3))


when<F>(F: Applicative<F>): (condition: boolean, fu: HKT<F, void>) => HKT<F, void>

Added in v1.0.0 (function)

Perform a applicative action when a condition is true


import { IO, io } from 'fp-ts/lib/IO'
import { when } from 'fp-ts/lib/Applicative'

const log: Array<string> = []
const action = new IO(() => {
  log.push('action called')
when(io)(false, action).run()
assert.deepEqual(log, [])
when(io)(true, action).run()
assert.deepEqual(log, ['action called'])