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interface Chain<F> extends Apply<F> {
  readonly chain: <A, B>(fa: HKT<F, A>, f: (a: A) => HKT<F, B>) => HKT<F, B>

Added in v1.0.0 (type class)

The Chain type class extends the Apply type class with a chain operation which composes computations in sequence, using the return value of one computation to determine the next computation.

Instances must satisfy the following law in addition to the Apply laws:

  1. Associativity: F.chain(F.chain(fa, afb), bfc) <-> F.chain(fa, a => F.chain(afb(a), bfc))

Note. Apply’s ap can be derived: (fab, fa) => F.chain(fab, f => F.map(f, fa))


flatten<F>(chain: Chain<F>): <A>(mma: HKT<F, HKT<F, A>>) => HKT<F, A>

Added in v1.0.0 (function)