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interface FunctorWithIndex<F, I> extends Functor<F> {
  readonly mapWithIndex: <A, B>(fa: HKT<F, A>, f: (i: I, a: A) => B) => HKT<F, B>

Added in v1.12.0 (type class)

A FunctorWithIndex is a type constructor which supports a mapping operation mapWithIndex.

mapWithIndex can be used to turn functions i -> a -> b into functions f a -> f b whose argument and return types use the type constructor f to represent some computational context.

Instances must satisfy the following laws:

  1. Identity: F.mapWithIndex(fa, (_i, a) => a) = fa
  2. Composition: F.mapWithIndex(fa, (_i, a) => bc(ab(a))) = F.mapWithIndex(F.mapWithIndex(fa, ab), bc)


getFunctorWithIndexComposition<F, FI, G, GI>(
  F: FunctorWithIndex<F, FI>,
  G: FunctorWithIndex<G, GI>
): FunctorWithIndexComposition<F, FI, G, GI>

Added in v1.12.0 (function)