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interface Traversable2v<T> extends Functor<T>, Foldable2v<T> {
   * Runs an action for every element in a data structure and accumulates the results
  readonly traverse: Traverse<T>
  readonly sequence: Sequence<T>

Added in v1.10.0 (type class)

Traversable represents data structures which can be traversed accumulating results and effects in some Applicative functor.

traverse signature:

<F>(F: Applicative<F>) => <A, B>(ta: HKT<T, A>, f: (a: A) => HKT<F, B>) => HKT<F, HKT<T, B>>

sequence signature:

<F>(F: Applicative<F>) => <A>(ta: HKT<T, HKT<F, A>>) => HKT<F, HKT<T, A>>


getTraversableComposition<F, G>(
  F: Traversable2v<F>,
  G: Traversable2v<G>
): Traversable2vComposition<F, G>

Added in v1.10.0 (function)

Returns the composition of two traversables


import { array } from 'fp-ts/lib/Array'
import { io, IO } from 'fp-ts/lib/IO'
import { none, option, some } from 'fp-ts/lib/Option'
import { getTraversableComposition } from 'fp-ts/lib/Traversable2v'

const T = getTraversableComposition(array, option)
const state: Record<string, number | undefined> = {
  a: 1,
  b: 2
const read = (s: string) => new IO(() => state[s])
const x = T.sequence(io)([some(read('a')), none, some(read('b')), some(read('c'))])
assert.deepEqual(x.run(), [some(1), none, some(2), some(undefined)])