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interface Witherable<T> extends Traversable<T>, Filterable<T> {
   * Partition a structure with effects
  wilt: Wilt<T>

   * Filter a structure  with effects
  wither: Wither<T>

Added in v1.7.0 (type class)

Witherable represents data structures which can be partitioned with effects in some Applicative functor.

wilt signature (see Compactable Separated):

<F>(F: Applicative<F>) => <RL, RR, A>(wa: HKT<W, A>, f: (a: A) => HKT<F, Either<RL, RR>>) => HKT<F, Separated<HKT<W, RL>, HKT<W, RR>>>

wither signature:

<F>(F: Applicative<F>) => <A, B>(ta: HKT<W, A>, f: (a: A) => HKT<F, Option<B>>) => HKT<F, HKT<W, B>>