• fp-ts-contrib - A community driven utility package for fp-ts
  • fp-ts-codegen - TypeScript code generation from a haskell-like syntax for ADT
  • io-ts - TypeScript compatible runtime type system for IO validation
  • monocle-ts - Functional optics: a (partial) porting of scala monocle to TypeScript
  • newtype-ts - Implementation of newtypes in TypeScript
  • logging-ts - Composable loggers for TypeScript
  • fp-ts-routing - A type-safe bidirectional routing library for TypeScript
  • parser-ts - String parser combinators for TypeScript
  • remote-data-ts - RemoteData type (check this article)
  • retry-ts - Retry combinators for monadic actions that may fail
  • fp-ts-local-storage - fp-ts bindings for LocalStorage
  • circuit-breaker-monad - Circuit Breaker pattern as a monad
  • waveguide - Bifunctor effect type and concurrent data structures.
  • kleisli-ts - Kleisli arrows for bifunctor MonadThrow (IOEither, TaskEither)
  • @nll/datum - Datum and DatumEither types, another take on RemoteData and flow
  • fetcher-ts - Type-safe REST HTTP client with io-ts response validation