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The idea

Blog post: “Typescript and validations at runtime boundaries” by @lorefnon

A value of type Type<A, O, I> (called “codec”) is the runtime representation of the static type A.

Also a codec can

  • decode inputs of type I (through decode)
  • encode outputs of type O (through encode)
  • be used as a custom type guard (through is)
class Type<A, O, I> {
  readonly _A: A
  readonly _O: O
  readonly _I: I
    /** a unique name for this codec */
    readonly name: string,
    /** a custom type guard */
    readonly is: (u: unknown) => u is A,
    /** succeeds if a value of type I can be decoded to a value of type A */
    readonly validate: (input: I, context: Context) => Either<Errors, A>,
    /** converts a value of type A to a value of type O */
    readonly encode: (a: A) => O
  ) {}
  /** a version of `validate` with a default context */
  decode(i: I): Either<Errors, A>

Note. The Either type is defined in fp-ts, a library containing implementations of common algebraic types in TypeScript.


A codec representing string can be defined as

import * as t from 'io-ts'

const isString = (u: unknown): u is string => typeof u === 'string'

const string = new t.Type<string, string, unknown>(
  (u, c) => (isString(u) ? t.success(u) : t.failure(u, c)),

A codec can be used to validate an object in memory (for example an API payload)

import * as t from 'io-ts'

const User = t.type({
  userId: t.number,
  name: t.string

// validation succeeded
User.decode(JSON.parse('{"userId":1,"name":"Giulio"}')) // => Right({ userId: 1, name: "Giulio" })

// validation failed
User.decode(JSON.parse('{"name":"Giulio"}')) // => Left([...])

TypeScript compatibility

The stable version is tested against TypeScript 3.2.4.

io-ts version required TypeScript version
1.6.x+ 3.2.2+
1.5.3 3.0.1+
1.5.2- 2.7.2+

Note. This library is conceived, tested and is supposed to be consumed by TypeScript with the strict flag turned on.

Note. If you are running < typescript@3.0.1 you have to polyfill unknown.

You can use unknown-ts as a polyfill.