MeetSemilattice overview

A meet-semilattice (or lower semilattice) is a semilattice whose operation is called meet, and which can be thought of as a greatest lower bound.

A MeetSemilattice must satisfy the following laws:

  • Associativity: a ∧ (b ∧ c) <-> (a ∧ b) ∧ c
  • Commutativity: a ∧ b <-> b ∧ a
  • Idempotency: a ∧ a <-> a

Added in v2.0.0

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MeetSemilattice (interface)


export interface MeetSemilattice<A> {
  readonly meet: (x: A, y: A) => A

Added in v2.0.0